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Members who are in good standing and who have paid the current semesters' dues will have the opportunity to become a member of one of our CWIB committees.  Being on a committee will further your involvement within the organization and allow you to have decision-making power to ignite change.  Each CWIB Exec will be the head of a committee and conduct meetings with their individual members. Please refer to the Executive Board page for their contact information.


Our hope is that the committee system will lead to increased interaction, efficiency, and creativity.  

Marketing Committee
Responsible for maintaining the brand identity of CWIB via the development of promotional materials and distribution of merchandise.
Head: Abby Mercatoris-Morrison, Chief Marketing Officer

Treks Committee

Responsible for planning our amazing treks including logistics of where we will stay, cost of the trips, best routes, etc. If this interests you, please apply!

Head: Jillian Hoglan, Chief Development Officer



Events Committee
Responsible for the preparation and execution of all events that CWIB partakes in during the school year. Some of these events include monthly meetings, company workshops, conference calls, social events, panels, and volunteering events. 
Head: Kaelyn Petrides, Chief Operating Officer

The magazine is the perfect way to get more involved with the organization, have an outlet for creativity and all things business, and contribute to a tangible project that will be published at the end of the year, in addition to online articles being published weekly. We are looking for writers, artists, and editors.
Head: Emma Harwood, Editor-in-Chief 


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