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Want to get to know CWIB Leadership? Have an idea for our organization? Just want an excuse to grab some coffee? Reach out for coffee chats!

C-Suite Team

Co-Chief Executive Officer: Gigi Jones

           Friday's at 10:00 AM or at a mutually convenient time


Co-Chief Executive Officer: Morgan Beavers

           Monday's or Wednesday's at 1:00 PM


Chief Administrative Officer: Lauren Carey

           Please contact Ashlin at to organize a time


Chief Operations Officer: Shannon Keye

           Monday's at 2:30 PM


Chief Financial Officer: Angela Zadrima

           Monday's at 11:00 AM


Chief Marketing Officer: Erica Sullivan

           Tuesday's at 12:00 PM


Chief Technology Officer: Kinsey Donovan

           Tuesday's at 12:30 PM


Leadership Team

VP of Membership: Sara Khorromshahgol

           Tuesday's before 12:00 PM

VP of Mentorship: Sydney Woodward

          Wednesday's at 2:00 PM

VP of Merchandise: Morgan Beavers

           Tuesday's or Thursdays at 11:00 AM

Design Chair: Erica Sullivan 

           Please contact Erica at to organize a time

VP of Meetings: Muneeba Ahmed

           Wednesday's at 11:00 AM

VP of Power Panel: Neha Shah

           Please contact Neha to organize a time

VP of Events: Shannon Keye

           Please contact Shannon to organize a time

VP of Technology: Andra Scaliti

           Thursday's at 1:00 PM

Co-Historian: Theresa Cordero

           Please contact Theresa to organize a time

Co-Historian: Eva Langelotti

           Please contact Eva to organize a time

Co-Historian: Abby Mercatoris-Morrison

           Monday's at 5:00 PM

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