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5 Tips to Become a LinkedIn Pro

Between polishing resumes and preparing for post-Business Horizons interviews, it’s important not to forget about your LinkedIn account. This platform gives recruiters and other business professionals an opportunity to search your name and examine your profile. Therefore, it is very important to use this tool to your full advantage to showcase that you are well-qualified for the job you’re applying for! Here are five tips that will help you get your LinkedIn profile into tip-top shape:

Complete Your Profile

Having a complete profile is extremely important when it comes to being noticed by an employer. In fact, it’s the number one search algorithm when people are searching your name. If your profile is complete, your name will be higher up on the search results list. A thoroughly-complete LinkedIn profile includes information such as industry, education, location, current and past positions, minimum of three relevant skills, a minimum of fifty connections and descriptions where applicable. Don’t forget to make sure your job-seeking preferences are updated as well, which you can edit under the “Privacy” tab in Settings and Privacy.

Morgan Beavers has a strong, complete LinkedIn profile

Be Accurate

It can be easy to read over typos, misprinted dates, and/or grammatical errors, so make sure to double check that all the information on your profile is correct. If a recruiter or other full-time employee finds a spelling mistake, that is a big red flag because it shows that you did not take the time to look over your work. If you are worried about not noticing a mistake, have a friend or advisor look over your page to proofread!

Gigi Jones’ profile is free of grammar and spelling errors!

Check Back Consistently

Be sure to log on to LinkedIn consistently. Regularly using the app could just be liking posts every few days or making your own! As you check your feed and keep up with recent posts, you won’t miss important information on that internship or full-time job that you’ve been interested in. Your activity shows up on your LinkedIn profile, which is impressive to recruiters because it indicates that you use the platform regularly. Anyone can create a LinkedIn account, but make sure to use it often so you can be easily-noticed!

An example of how Erica Sullivan engages with and promotes the CWIB page.

Engage With Others

Joining groups (such as Collegiate Women in Business), connecting with other LinkedIn users, and posting about internships or company visits (from going on CWIB Treks!) are some great ways to stay engaged. Don’t forget to connect with those you meet in professional settings like networking events and tag them in relevant posts you compose. This can be another way to put yourself out there (in moderation, of course). Remember, the more active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely your profile will be noticed!

CWIB has its own LinkedIn page, so follow it to show employers that you are involved in the organization!

Personalize Your Profile

LinkedIn is like a more detailed resume, giving employers a better look into your strengths and personality. Be sure to add unique things about you, such as your Clifton Strengths, into your profile so someone viewing your profile can get a better idea of who you are. Some good details to include could be presentations and case studies you have completed, the languages you speak, articles you’ve written, volunteer experience, relevant skills, and other accomplishments.

Heather Sangalang included her volunteer experience and skills in her profile to show how she’s unique.

These are just a handful of ideas for how to strengthen your LinkedIn profile! If you have any questions about LinkedIn or want to share other tips you know of, let us know!

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