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5 Ways to Deal with Rejection

Interviewing and applying for internships, jobs, and roles on campus is stressful and nerve-wracking. You can spend so much time preparing resumes, cover letters, and studying for an interview to only be turned down at the finish line. The job search is also insanely competitive with more qualified applicants than positions, so inevitably, everyone will face a rejection at some point. Read below to learn five simple strategies in dealing with rejection.

Stay Positive

Taking the rejection with positivity is the most important part of dealing with rejection. Do reserve time to grieve, but then pick yourself back up and do things that make you happy. Hang out with your friends, treat yourself to your favorite dessert, and spend time on your hobbies. Just try to clear your head so that you can move past it, and jump back to applying.

Focus on your Strengths

Don’t let self-doubt and negativity cloud your mind. It can be easy to criticize yourself after a rejection, but try to hyper focus on your good qualities and focus on them instead. Think of your top strengths, and figure out ways to put them on your resume and refer to them in interviews.

Ask for Feedback

Take this as an opportunity to learn, and make yourself a better applicant. Ask your interviewer or hiring manager for feedback on your application and resume. Use that feedback to update your resume, improve your interviewing skills, and fill any gaps in your skillset.

Keep Applying

Don’t let yourself become complacent in your job search. After reflecting on your mistakes and strengths, improve by better marketing yourself to recruiters. It might take many application cycles to just get one “yes,” but that’s just part of the job search.

The job market is competitive, and you’re not going to get an offer for everything you apply for. You will likely face more rejections than offers which is extremely normal. You could be qualified for a role but someone else may be a better fit for that organization. If you take away anything, remember to stay positive, focus on your strengths, ask for feedback, and keep applying to your goals!

By Mirula Prasad

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