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A Short Guide to Blacksburg Businesses

While Blacksburg may just be known as a college town, it’s so much more than that. It is a great place for entrepreneurs and residents of the New River Valley area to start small businesses and add to the vibrant community. There are over 200 shops and restaurants in the downtown area and community where a wide variety of goods and services are provided that cater to the diversity of our town. Here’s a short list of small businesses that make Blacksburg the way it is today.

New River Art & Fiber

Located on a corner downtown, New River Art & Fiber is an art and craft supply store that is dedicated to creating a community in Blacksburg for artists and creatives. The owner is Jessica Jones; she was an art student at Virginia Tech in 2001 and purchased the store in 2019 when it was only a yarn shop. Since then, she has expanded the range of products sold and even created class kits that students in our design programs can buy for their studio classes.

Eats Natural Foods

If you’re interested in sustainability and shopping for natural, organic produce, look no further than Eats Natural Foods. Since 1974, Eats Natural Foods has been the main natural foods store in Blacksburg. They offer a selection of gourmet foods that are local and also from around the world. Anyone with alternative dietary needs will be happy to see the selection of vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free products. You can also become a member to earn a 15% discount for the whole year. They also have a monthly newsletter that highlights new products. Eats Natural Foods even adapted during the pandemic to offer online orders.

Blacksburg Books

Blacksburg Books is a small local bookstore that is owned by Laurie Kelly who was a literature major in college. Blacksburg Books hosts a lot of events that integrate it into the community. They host book launches, poetry open mic nights, book club nights, and author nights. They also have a trade-in program that lets you bring in used books to trade in for credit to use towards other used books. You can even contact them on their website to ask for a book recommendation based on your personal preferences. If you don’t have a specific book in mind, you can also take a leap with one of their mystery book selections.

Sugar Magnolia

The green and white awning outside Sugar Magnolia is an integral part of downtown Blacksburg. Pop in if you want to shop for gifts, greeting cards, jewelry, and more. All of their merchandise is carefully curated and often sourced from local vendors. You can also grab a scoop of their gourmet ice cream or a small treat from their chocolate and candy case.

310 Rosemont

310 Rosemont is a contemporary boutique that stores a curated collection that houses the latest trends. Employees are incredibly helpful in trying to find that one piece you’re looking for and setting up dressing rooms to make sure that you like what you’re wearing. They carry everything from Free People to Bishop & Young in both men’s and women’s fashion.

Blacksburg is a bustling town filled with small, local businesses that need the support of Virginia Tech students to thrive. There’s something for everyone from local boutiques to restaurants, and craft stores. Consider buying local the next time you head downtown.

By Mirula Prasad

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