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Building Skill on Campus: Getting Involved in Professional Organizations

Virginia Tech has over 800 student organizations to explore, allowing all students to find something they are passionate about. Many of these are professional organizations, which give students the opportunity to practice professional skills or a certain craft, as well as hold leadership positions. This article will discuss a few of these organizations and what they have to offer!

Collegiate Women in Business

Collegiate Women in Business, or CWIB, is an organization where students learn how to be successful in a professional environment and work with like-minded individuals to focus on the principles of empower, prepare, and connect. CWIB is open to all students, regardless of major and gender. CWIB holds monthly meetings, workshops, networking events, social events, and treks to visit companies in cities such as Washington D.C, New York City, and many more.

Collegiate Women in Business provides a multitude of opportunities and resources for its members to succeed in the workplace. From information that will help you during your internship/career search, to networking with representatives from a variety of organizations, CWIB provides its members with a number of opportunities to develop their professional skills. In addition to the opportunities members have to apply their skills, CWIB allows members to learn from peers and alumni about a variety of topics, such as writing a resume, completing your course request, and creating a LinkedIn profile.

Members of Collegiate Women in Business also have the opportunity to hold a number of leadership and professional roles. Members can write for The Chronicles, a blog sharing information about professional, academic, and personal development. Members can also join the marketing committee or be a part of the CWIB leadership team with roles such as CEO, CMO, and CFO.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed professional business fraternity focused on professionalism, service, and scholarship, while enhancing members’ skills to improve their personal and professional relationships. Delta Sigma Pi is the foremost professional fraternity for men and women pursuing careers in business.

Delta Sigma Pi holds events with business leaders and gives members the opportunity to be mentored by experts in their field. In addition to professional development, Delta Sigma Pi puts an emphasis on service through the support of cultural and civic organizations. As a member of Delta Sigma Pi, you are part of a brotherhood of over 260,000 members across the United States and are able to network with a number of Virginia Tech Delta Sigma Pi alumni at some of the biggest companies in the United States.

Delta Sigma Pi also gives students the opportunities to get more involved through leadership positions as well as national fraternity events to help you connect with members of Delta Sigma Pi from other universities. Delta Sigma Pi allows members to join a brotherhood to develop professionally, personally, and socially throughout their time at Virginia Tech.

Business Horizons Team

The Business Horizons Team hosts career fairs through the Pamplin College of Business. The team is composed of students from a variety of majors who work together to plan the Business Horizons career fair, held once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester.

The Business Horizons Team works in committees to plan the largest opportunity for students to meet and connect with recruiters all year. As a part of the Business Horizons team, you will not only get to network with these companies but also hold a professional role in planning the event. Members of the team get experience in organizing an event, communicating with professionals who will be attending the event, and designing communication campaigns to inform students and faculty and encourage them to participate in the event. The Business Horizons team works in four committees: hospitality, marketing, logistics, and corporate correspondence.

Pamplin Leadership Development Team

The Pamplin Leadership Development Team, or PLDT, is an organization of students that work year round to coordinate the Pamplin Student Leadership Conference. The Pamplin Student Leadership Conference brings together students from all majors to gain knowledge from and network with industry professionals. The PLDT is responsible for planning this event while working to develop the leadership, interpersonal, and cross functional skills of the members of the team.

As a member of the Pamplin Leadership Development Team you will be able to network with a number of industry professionals while gaining valuable experience by working collaboratively with others to coordinate the conference. In addition to the annual leadership conference, the PLDT also works with local high schools to help students prepare for their future and learn about leadership. You will also have the opportunity to learn about a variety of career related topics through planning workshops for Virginia Tech Students. As a member of the PLDT, you will reach out to other f organizations, develop marketing initiatives to encourage students to participate in the Pamplin Student Leadership Conference, and oversee the hospitality needs of speakers at the conference.

The Pamplin Leadership Development Team works through five committees, including corporate relations, education, hospitality, public relations and materials, and treasurer. The Pamplin Leadership Development Team allows members to hold professional positions as directors of committees giving students the opportunity to take on a leadership role. The Pamplin Leadership Development Team gives students the chance to develop their professional skills while also growing as student leaders.

Pamplin Undergraduate Mentorship Programs

The Pamplin Undergraduate Mentorship Program, or PUMP, works to provide undergraduate students with resources for academic, personal, and professional development in the classroom and in their career. PUMP allows undergraduate students to be mentored by their peers who have been trained to offer help to students, while providing a student’s perspective.

PUMP offers its members not only the opportunity to be mentored by peers, but also to network and build relationships with alumni of the Pamplin College of Business. In addition to networking with Pamplin alumni, members of PUMP have the opportunity to attend workshops to network with individuals from companies such as Deloitte and KPMG, while learning about skills and resources that will help them succeed in their professional career.

You can hold a leadership role in the organization as a PUMP mentor where you will be responsible for helping your mentees adjust to life at Virginia Tech and guide them through their transition. Through PUMP, students get to grow their professional skills through collaborating with their peers and networking with professionals, while also getting guidance about how to be successful during their time as an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech.

These are just a few of the organizations at Virginia Tech that allow students to develop their professional skills. There are a number of other organizations that will also allow you to learn more about a certain craft. Whether it's an organization from this list or one you found on your own, getting involved in professional organizations is a great way to develop both personally and professionally and help you succeed both at Virginia Tech and after college.

By Katie Smith

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