Businesswoman Feature: Rachael DeVaux

Meet Rachael DeVaux -- also known as @rachaelsgoodeats -- a registered dietitian, co-business owner, author, certified personal trainer, and social media influencer. Through her brand, Rachael’s Good Eats, she has built an uplifting community focusing on health, nutrition, and wellness. Rachael provides nutrition advice on her blog and posts workouts and healthy recipes on her Instagram daily. She has published several guides, some of which include Good Sweat and 7 Day Added Sugar Detox. As co-founder of Toast Society Cafe, a restaurant located in Las Vegas serving a variety of premium toasts and toppings, she has helped provide a healthy option for those needing a quick bite. Through her ventures, she has used her platform to give to others such as donating to the Australian bushfire relief and Black Lives Matter movements. I may be a bit biased as I’m studying to be a dietitian, but Rachael’s information inspires me to try new workouts, challenges me to switch up my recipes, and reminds me to live a balanced lifestyle! Keep on reading for more insight on what Rachael provides and how you can start living a healthier lifestyle too.

I first discovered Rachael on Instagram as I was searching for dietitians to follow for inspiring new recipes to try. I was drawn in by the variety of foods she incorporates into her daily meals, as well as how she promotes eating a balanced diet. Her page was filled with desserts and I soon realized she was substituting ingredients for healthier alternatives: honey or maple syrup instead of refined sugar, coconut or almond flour in place of white AP flour. I love how she stresses not depriving ourselves from the sweets we love; it’s all about using healthier ingredients! Rachael’s instagram account is extremely built up as she has over 600K followers.

From Instagram, I discovered her blog where she posts her own articles with specific nutrition and wellness information. She backs up her claims due her extensive knowledge in dietetics which is impressionable to me. Having the educational background is important when developing a client base as those you are providing information to want to know it is legitimate. I know I can trust the information she provides and this is essential for me in deciding to order her guides, try out her recipes, or buy supplements she suggests. Some of my favorite articles include The Power of Vitamin C (did you know one red bell pepper has more vitamin C than an orange?!), 10 Foods to Boost Your Brain Power, and Food Combining: What is it and Does it Really Work?

Speaking of her guides, Rachael has published two very impactful ones. Good Sweat is a compilation of her workouts. These circuit-based full body workouts incorporate HIIT and resistance training. She focuses on compound movements targeting the entire body and emphasizes how training does more for use than just improve our physique. Her first guide is split up into 10 weeks at $6.99 per week. She also has a cardio + core specific section focused on getting your heart rate up and establishing a solid foundation. If you buy all the guides together, that’s 40 workouts, 5 cardio machine-based workouts, and 6 core circuits. She includes pictures and descriptions of the exercises to get you going too!

I have personally bought Rachael’s 7 Day Added Sugar detox. As a usual healthy eater, I wanted to dive in deeper to the specific ingredients that were in the foods I ate. Rachael makes readers aware of how sugars are incorporated into foods you wouldn’t think! Her guide emphasizes eliminating added sugars for 7 days as a way to reset our taste buds and teach us to be more watchful of how much sugar we are consuming. She provides 22 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a shopping list, advice when ordering out, and access to a private Facebook page with others participating in the detox. I love incorporating these detoxes every couple months as each time I am made more aware of how little you really need added sugars. It’s definitely a challenge; I love sugars just as much as the next person! Rachael’s marketing strategies, inclusivity practices, and wealth of knowledge encouraged me to purchase her guide and I’m extremely glad I did.

One of her newest ebooks, Your Guide to the Good Life: Winter Edition, includes recipes, workouts, and self care tips to set us up for a great year! This all-inclusive guide brings together her passions and makes it accessible for all to start living healthier. Be sure to check out the guide that will best fit YOU and your goals!

In response to COVID-19, Rachael developed a 6-week at-home workout guide making activity easily accessible and enjoyable when most gyms are closed and social distancing is mandated. Every Wednesday, she hosts Instagram Live workouts for members who bought the guide and are participating in the challenge with her. If you are looking for a way to get your energy levels up and get a good sweat on while safe at home, Rachael’s guide is for you! You can find all of her ebooks through her Instagram account, @rachaelsgoodeats, or her blog,

Toast Society Cafe is a restaurant started up by all women, Rachael being one of them. They are based in Las Vegas and serve a variety of nutrient-dense toasts with just about any toppings and spreads you could think of! Toast Society Cafe is a proud advocate of women-owned businesses and “try to partner with as many as we can when it comes to the great products we use!” They are open 7 days a week 8am - 3pm. If you are ever in the area, make sure to give their toasts a try! In the meantime, give them a follow on Instagram (@toastsocietycafe) for inspiration to make your own toasts right at home.

Rachael has built up her brand and following in several impactful ways, but giving back to communities in need is something very near and dear to her. Throughout the catastrophes of the Australian wildfires, Rachael donated 100% of the profits from her ebooks during this time to relief funds. Her persistence in helping the animals in need inspired me to purchase her 7 Day Added Sugar Detox during the crisis. In the recent protests and Black Lives Matter movements, Rachael used her platform to provide resources where we can learn about black history in America, donate to organizations such as the NAACP, and easily access petitions. No matter your success, it is always important to help those when you can, especially when you have the impact and platform to do so as Rachael does.

Through her Instagram, blog, ebooks, and Toast Society Cafe, Rachael has had a positive impact on how we should view nutrition and overall wellness. Rachael’s Good Eats is a brand that I can stand behind due to her educational background in dietetics, the variety of information she provides, and the support she shows to communities in need. Her books have challenged me and made me prioritize my health in a new way. Her workouts motivate me to incorporate new fitness routines into my lifestyle. Her nutrition-based articles deepen my understanding of the impact food has on our health. My hope is that Rachael is an example of how the business field can be displayed in a new light. Combining her knowledge in nutrition to become an entrepreneur is a great way to add value to the community and bridge your interests. Let Rachael be a reminder that it is very possible to go into business and make a career out of a non-business degree and your passions!

By: Emma Harwood