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Career Mapping: How to Plan for Life After College

For many college seniors, the end of the fall semester means job applications, interviews, and planning for a future beyond graduation. Whether you are looking to start your career search or excel in your future career, Virginia Tech’s Career and Professional Development has the resources to help you succeed.

Virginia Tech offers a variety of measures to help graduating seniors navigate the professional world. A great first step is booking an advising appointment with the Career and Professional Development. Sessions range from fifteen minutes to an hour and allow students to explore careers, develop job searching skills, improve professionalism, plan for education beyond undergraduate school, revise their resume, and practice interviewing skills. Appointments can easily be scheduled through the Career and Professional Development website.

Another resource offered by this department is a selection of free self assessments that allow students to explore careers, majors and themselves. These assessments help students who may be unsure of the career path they wish to pursue. Some of the assessments available are TypeFocus, Traitify, TruTalent, and CliftonStrengths. Students can meet with Career and Professional Development advisors after taking an assessment in order to discuss and better understand how their results can aid in their job search.

For students looking to nail the job of their dreams, Career and Professional Development offers resources that allow students to perfect their interviewing skills. One resource for instance is Interview Prep – an easily accessible program that has practice questions and the ability to request feedback from others for upcoming interviews. This option is a great alternative to in person interview practices for students who may feel apprehensive about receiving in person interview help.

While navigating the future can seem pretty daunting, Virginia Tech’s Career and Professional Development offers a variety of services that make the process easier for everyone. Whether you are unsure of where to start in your career search or if you are seeking ways to nail down the perfect job, this department has it all. Good luck with your career mapping!

By Christine Babish

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