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Celebrating Women's History Month

March is here, so let’s take time to recognize women’s achievements and struggles of the past and present. Women’s History Month is a season to celebrate all the contributions women made throughout US History, including socially, economically, politically, and culturally. Once a special day and week, we now dedicate an entire month for remembrance. The theme this year, 2023, is ‘Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories’.

Perhaps the simplest way to participate in this year’s theme is to immerse ourselves in the vast amounts of media existing at our fingertips. Through books, documentaries, podcasts, and music, we can easily learn the stories of women from all backgrounds!


Women’s History Month is the perfect excuse to indulge in hundreds of stellar documentaries telling the histories of inspirational women like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Malala, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Five star films like ‘9to5: The Story of a Movement’, ‘Knock Down the House’ and ‘Heroin(e)’ explore specific issues related to the feminist movement. Some other great watches are recommended by Netflix and PBS.

Be a Queen Reader

Many great books tackle these same topics. CNN recommends a variety of reads fit for the occasion, including American classics, memoirs, histories, mythology and more. For a more extensive list, check out GoodReads.


If you’re searching for more historical content, there are several interesting podcasts like ‘What’sHerName’ and ‘Vulgar History.’ These two recommendations share the (occasionally scandalous) stories of overlooked women through the feminist eye.

International Embracement

On a global viewpoint, we should commemorate achievements on International Women’s Day, March 8th. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity, with focus on the effort toward a ‘diverse, equitable and inclusive world.’ Several events are taking place on campus this day and all throughout the month, hosted by the Women’s Center, VTX, and other organizations.

Virginia Tech Support

In addition to national and international Women’s Month themes, Virginia Tech Women’s Center tailors their support surrounding ‘A chorus of Voices’. They have planned a full month of programs and events which can be found in further detail here. Included are exhibitions, several speakers, a women’s wellness drive, networking opportunities, contests, performance from Soulstice A Cappella group, and so much more. The Women’s Center has worked hard to curate a variety of empowering events, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

VTX is Virginia Tech’s go-to resource for important campus achievements. They offer women-centered events happening along with resources like this Virtual Collection to learn more about women’s history. Check out the linked Spotify playlist, All My Hokie Ladies, featuring one hundred uplifting tracks from amazing female artists.

Local Women-Owned Businesses

Finally, take time to support women-owned businesses in Blacksburg! There are so many places to be explored, but a few favorites local to Virginia Tech are Sugar Magnolia, Sub Station II, Wine & Design, The Orange Bandana, and Blacksburg Fit Body Boot Camp. No matter where you are, there are so many opportunities to partake in this month of celebration. Happy Women’s History Month!

By Katie Brintle

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