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CWIB New Member Feature: Peyton Coleman

Name: Peyton Coleman

Year: Sophomore

Major: Management Consulting and Analytics (MCA)

Fun Fact: In middle school she played a purple trumpet!

Peyton Coleman is in her first year at Virginia Tech after receiving her Associates of Arts and Sciences from The Governor's School of Southside Virginia. She is majoring in Management Consulting and Analytics, and is thinking about an International Business minor or a Business Information Technology double major. Peyton is expected to graduate May 2025!

At Virginia Tech, she is heavily involved in Collegiate Women in Business, and The Big Event’s Programming Committee; She collaborates with other students to create the kickoff master schedule, recruit keynote speakers, and distribute tools.

Why did Peyton join CWIB? In her first semester at Tech, she wanted a cool way to meet new people, and surround herself with women who would challenge her. Being a part of this organization also allowed her to figure out where she would like to take her career. Peyton is currently looking at a career in consulting, which will give her the opportunity to use her problem solving skills but not confine to a strict desk job.

Coleman was at the February monthly meeting where CWIB spoke about going on the Richmond Trek, and she then decided to apply. She was still very new to CWIB, but believed it was a great opportunity to get more involved, and go back to the Richmond area.

Peyton loved the trek! Her favorite part was getting to hang out with all of the members while bonding over ice cream, and the Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball game. She was able to visit Altria’s office, and had the chance to meet many other companies that were extremely welcoming. She learned about their internship opportunities and a lot about rules in the business industry, Cary Street Partners talked about all of the Human Resources positions that exist in the industry.

She was able to learn how to network, ask questions, and stay engaged. A lot of the older members in CWIB were really helpful by sharing their own experiences within the industry, and offered advice on how to network.

Overall, Peyton was super grateful to have the opportunity to go, especially since this was her first semester in CWIB. She plans to continue getting more involved within the organization, and hopes to be a great resource for other women going down the same path!

By Emma Newman

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