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Freshman Spotlight: Kavya Shankar

Member: Kavya Shankar

Year: Freshmen

Major: Accounting and Information System Fun Fact: Kavya is fluent in French and has stayed in France with a host family.

In these trying times, the current pandemic has left the freshman to find their way in a completely new and challenging environment. However, CWIB has managed to welcome a new group of members into our community. Among the group of new members is freshman Kavya Shankar, an Accounting and Information Systems major from Chantilly, Virginia. Read on to learn more about her.

Like many, Kavya’s journey at Virginia Tech started with her falling in love on her first tour. Kavya was drawn in further by the campus’ beautiful scenery, school pride, and homey feel. Additionally, she recognized Tech’s impressive academics. Kavya knew she wanted to major in Accounting and Information Systems after taking a high school course and then learned about Pamplin’s high job placement and array of academic support. All of this combined confirmed that Virginia Tech was the place for her to strive and get the college experience that she desired.

With everything being held virtually, there was a challenge for freshmen to find clubs and other activities to join. Although not for Kavya. “I am a member of TechNotes, a co-ed A Cappella group. I am also a member of CWIB, The Accounting Society, PUMP, and Le Cercle Francophone (The French Club). I have also begun to get involved with Women’s Club Basketball here at Tech.” She also has the intention of joining a sorority, business fraternity, and some sort of cultural organization that embodies her.

“I joined CWIB to meet fellow students (specifically women) in business that may often face obstacles in the workplace. So far, I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone, even in the bizarre virtual world we are currently in. I also wanted to be a part of a community involving my academics in some way.”

Due to the Coronavirus, CWIB has had to move everything virtual. This has made it harder than previous years for freshmen to get involved. Kavya has been attending the monthly meetings over zoom, workshops for course requests, and alumni chats. “Things have been a little weird with everything being on zoom but it is a really nice community of women to be a part of during this challenging time.” Hopefully, things will return to normal and Kavya can have the full CWIB experience.

Kavya has a lot of goals that she intends to accomplish at Virginia Tech. “By the end of college, I hope to study abroad in a French speaking country and take courses in French. I’m interested in pursuing the French for Business minor because of my love for the language and culture. I’m also considering double majoring in Finance, as it complements Accounting well. I also hope to leave Virginia Tech with a great group of friends and a continued sense of pride and community,” says Kavya. CWIB will support you in accomplishing your goals and wishes you the best of luck!

The interview ended with a final question:

What do you hope to gain from being part of CWIB?

“I hope to get insight on classes and professors, learn about internships and externships that I can join, and meet new people. I also hope to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses, and further improve on my weaknesses. Finally, I am eager to hear from current experts/working professionals in the business world about what it takes to succeed in business, today more than ever.”

Thank you Kavya for sharing with us and I hope that CWIB can offer you as much as you offer them!

By: Sierra Flynn

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