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Freshman Spotlight: Michelle Akl

Michelle Akl

Major: Business Information Technology | Minor: Music

Fun fact: She plays the piano!

Michelle Akl is a freshman majoring in Business Information Technology and minoring in Music. She is from Springfield, Virginia. Although she is still figuring out her way around Virginia Tech, joining Collegiate Women in Business (CWIB) was her way of taking a step to meet people who are also interested in business.

Michelle heard about CWIB from a friend and decided it was a good idea to join. Being surrounded by young women with similar goals at CWIB meetings and other events has inspired her to work harder in school. She also joined to have fun and make memories with other members while simultaneously developing her professional identity.

She hopes that CWIB is the right place for her to learn how to become a leader and gain more confidence as she goes through college. By joining CWIB’s mentorship program, Michelle is hopeful that she will be able to gain meaningful insight and advice about leadership and academics because she wants to thrive as a Pamplin student.

Michelle also would like to be able to network and gain experience in the business field by going on a trek and meeting people through the many events CWIB hosts with alumni speakers and companies. Although she hasn’t been able to go on a trek this fall, she hopes that she can attend one during the spring semester in order to build her connections and learn more about different workplaces.

Her biggest goal for this year is to gain more knowledge about the business field. She wants to focus on learning strategies and tips which will help her succeed in the future, and she believes that the best way to do so is by learning from other people who were once in her shoes!

Outside of CWIB, she likes to play intramural volleyball and walk dogs for the club, Bonding with Animals through Recreation on Campus (BARC). Michelle is also a member of the BIT club and the Cedars of Lebanon club. If you see her at an event, she encourages you to say hi! She is looking forward to building more friendships in CWIB.

Michelle’s advice to other freshmen in CWIB is to plan for events ahead of time to make sure you have time for them! She also thinks freshman year is a great time to go on a trek because you get to visit real-life workplaces where you can converse with working professionals who can help you gain the necessary knowledge needed to make decisions about your future career!  

Welcome to CWIB, Michelle! We are so thrilled that you chose to make this organization a part of your college journey. Your ambition is impressive and we cannot wait to see the amazing things you’ll contribute over the next four years!

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