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Happy Thanksgiving from CWIB!

Hello CWIB! We hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and a relaxing break. College can definitely be a very stressful time, especially as finals start to loom closer and closer. Amongst all the chaos, this is a great opportunity to take a step back and be thankful for all that we have. It is hard to believe that, not too long ago, there were no organizations like Collegiate Women in Business whose sole purpose was to empower, prepare, and connect young women so that they can establish a framework for a successful future. To honor this, we decided to interview a few of our members to get their take on why they are thankful for CWIB!

Collegiate Women in Business is so fortunate to have so many talented and passionate members. The organization is what it is because of all of you! Photo credit: N/A. 

Isabel Barker is a freshman who is currently business undecided. When asked why she is thankful for CWIB, she stated, “It [CWIB] gives me the opportunity to meet other girls interested in business fields as well as prepares me for what’s to come after college! It has been really beneficial also because the speakers help to put the information I’m learning in my classes into context, allowing me to visualize the possibilities of different career paths.”

Another determined freshman, Kate Skowronek, had a similar answer. “I’m thankful for CWIB because it has given me the opportunity to meet motivated women that are always willing to give advice and share their experiences.” One thing that motivates the CWIB leadership team is hearing that the events we put on are helping our members. We look forward to our next set of guest speakers next semester and how they will make an impact on the young women in our organization.

Guest speakers offer our members real-life perspectives on being a woman in business. Photo credit: Alexis Edwards

Caroline Sisson is a senior majoring in human development. She said, “I am thankful for CWIB because of the amazing opportunities to network and learn more about how to be a successful businesswoman. Especially not being a business major, the workshops and meetings provided me with information and support to confidently pursue my career goals.” It is amazing to see how Collegiate Women in Business is able to equip women with the tools they need to be successful, even if they are not business majors.

Caroline Macri is a freshman majoring in BIT. One of the main things we promote in CWIB is women helping women. Caroline notices this and said “I’m thankful for CWIB because it has afforded me the opportunity to meet other women in business who have perspective on real-world challenges. CWIB also benefits young women by giving us an established network of support.”

Collegiate Women in Business acts as a support system, allowing women to make mutually beneficial relationships with one another. Photo credit: Alexis Edwards

Not only does Collegiate Women in Business empower women to chase after their professional dreams, but it can also assist in making them a reality! Dania Rivas, a junior in BIT, was incredibly grateful for this. She said, “I was able to visit EY on the DC trek and I grew very interested in the company after attending the panel with women who work there. I was able to learn a lot about EY’s work-life balance and the dedication of the firm to its employees. They pushed me to apply to their externship which led me to an internship for next summer.” Make sure you keep an eye out for the treks coming up next semester, you never know what could happen!

Our treks are not only a great way to network and make connections, but they are also a way to make lasting memories with new friends.  Photo credit: N/A

The individual women you meet through CWIB can also help change your life. Sara Khorramshahgol, a junior BIT major, reflected on when she first met one of the Co-CEOs of CWIB and the impact she made. “She asked me to speak at one of the meetings and even though I was a super shy freshman, she really boosted my self-confidence. That’s when I thought CWIB is like my girl tribe. Meeting her and other members in CWIB who are just as empowering is what I needed during my time at VT.”

It is amazing to see the positive impact Collegiate Women in Business has had on our members. From inspiring women to step out of their comfort zones, to even being a small part in helping our members secure their dream jobs, we continue to live out the mission our founders created back in 2014. As those final exams and projects come up, and your stress starts to be a little more than you can take, remember to take a deep breath and reflect on all of the wonderful opportunities Virginia Tech and CWIB has been able to give you!

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