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How to Gain Confidence Like a Boss

Have doubt or limiting beliefs ever taken control of your life? Well, self-confidence may be the antidote you are searching for. To foster your personal growth, you have to trust yourself with taking charge of decisions, conflicts, and your values. Developing confidence takes time, but listed below are helpful methods and engaging challenges to start you on the right track.

Challenge #1: Origin of Confidence

Find where your lack of self-confidence originates and record those notes in your journal. Try to record yourself repeating low self-confidence thoughts and ask yourself, why did I say that? According to mbgmindfulness, you should “decide if you want to allow that voice to have authority over your thoughts in this stage of your life.” Be fearless and create a plan of action! For instance, whenever you have that negative voice in your head, take a moment to ask yourself those “why” questions. It’ll get your mind questioning the doubtfulness we all possess!

Challenge #2: Re-Alignment with Oneself

The only person that controls your life is you! The more you realize that the ability to reclaim control is at your fingertips, the faster you can trust yourself. No family, friends, or other expectations can take away your true self and your desires. Try challenging yourself by prioritizing your own ideas. You can also improve your self-talk, also known as your inner monologue, and catch yourself in the realm of negative thoughts. Replace those ideas in a positive manner to work on creating a more optimistic worldview.

Method #1: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

As Tony Robbins perfectly states, “to truly learn how to be confident, you need to love yourself first.” If life throws out obstacles, your confidence will always stay put. Limiting beliefs are like ceilings to what is capable, and they “keep us from thinking, saying, or doing the things we want to do.” Change restricting phrases like “I can’t” to “I can” or “I shouldn’t” to “I should.”

Method #2: Focus on Control

To efficiently build self-confidence, we must focus on what we can control and release our attachment from what we can’t. It will take time to build confidence in how much control you have , but start with baby steps and realize that some things are out of your control. Base your decisions on your true self, excluding all outside influences that won’t help you. Pause to think if the thought is something you can actively control.

Method #3: Perform Success

Acknowledge your successes and take ownership! Feeling empowered by your success fuels your confidence. Are you nervous about an upcoming exam? Imagine a time you felt proud of an accomplishment and use that energy to relieve the tension. Positive visualization for future success is key to believing in your choices and avoiding doubt.

Final Thoughts

Confidence can help you build leadership skills and better your relationship decisions. Achieve your goals or desires by utilizing these methods and challenging your past beliefs. Again, it is okay to take your time to do things correctly. What are you waiting for? Start unlocking your full potential and be the boss of your own life!

By Izzy McIlvenna

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