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It's in a Book: Reading Recommendations for Professional Success

Looking for something other than a textbook to read? There are hundreds of good books out there that can help you further your career or learn a new skill outside of the classroom. Picking the right books out of the hundreds can be challenging, so here are five highly recommended reads to get you started.

1. The Hard Truth About Soft Skills - Peggy Klaus

If you have taken a business class recently, you have probably heard about the importance of soft skills. Soft skills are interpersonal skills that we are not necessarily taught in school but are essential to landing a job and working in a group environment. In her book, business coach and author Peggy Klaus teaches the reader practical tips for developing soft skills. If you are anything like me and wondering how to hone practical business skills outside of the classroom, this book is perfect for you.

2. Atomic Habits - James Clear

This book has been recommended to me by many friends and family over the last few years. Atomic Habits is a useful book for building healthy habits in all areas of life. Whether you are hoping to make changes in your daily routine, study habits, or hobby, Atomic Habits is a beneficial starting point.

3. Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder, by Reshma Saujani

Written by the founder of the Girls Who Code organization, Brave, Not Perfect encourages girls to take risks and pursue male oriented fields. Forbes says “Saujani hopes to normalize rejection and failure for girls, reducing their reluctance to join the tech field or launch a startup.” This book is a fantastic read if you are working toward a career in technology or want to learn more about making brave, uncomfortable decisions.

4. Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, by Adam Grant

Curious about how to get ahead in your career? In Give and Take, author Adam Grant discusses a unique method of advancement - helping others. Contrary to popular culture, Grant argues that the people who help others actually end up at the top of their field. His approach challenges the “every man for himself” mentality commonly found in the American business world.

5. Quiet, by Susan Cain

When looking toward future careers, we focus on networking and the importance of putting yourself out there, but not everyone has a talkative and outgoing personality. In New York Times Best Seller Quiet, Susan Cain discusses the power introverts hold and gives examples of successful people who are also introverted. You can also check out her website here, which has a plethora of informative resources and stories specifically for introverts.

Whether you are looking to hone your business skills or learn more about the working world you will face after college, we hope these books are fun to read and teach you something new and useful. Happy reading!

By: Grace Farmelo

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