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Meet the CWIB Chronicles Team

The 2018-2019 CWIB Chronicles team is complete! These talented, accomplished and dedicated writers will be delivering inspirational and informative articles to all of you every Tuesday and Thursday! Keep on reading to learn a little bit about each staff writer!

Heather Sangalang – Senior, BIT & Business Leadership 

Why CWIB: Heather loves being editor-in-chief of the CWIB Chronicles because she gets to manage the publishing of articles that aim to help members in some way. Also, Heather loves working with the staff writers and watching them develop their business skills and love for CWIB. She wants our audience to enjoy reading about CWIB’s events and members enough to stay engaged in the organization as a whole. It’s easy to just pay dues and say you’re in CWIB, but Heather wants members to take advantage of all that we have to offer.

What empowers her: Heather finds it very empowering to meet successful businesswomen. In school, it’s easy to stay in your lane, but when she goes out of her way to meet women in the workforce, it serves as a reminder that you are in charge of your own destiny. They empower Heather to be bold and chase after what makes her happy!

About her: Heather comes from a huge, tight-knit family (she has over 20 first cousins!). When not with her family, she loves hanging around DC with friends or lying in bed watching reality TV. Heather’s dream is to move to New York City someday!

Favorite quote: “Work hard and stay humble”

Emma Harwood- Sophomore, Management & Professional and Technical Writing 

Why CWIB: She is very passionate about writing and wanted to get involved with CWIB to help our readers, and herself, learn more about business topics! Becoming a staff writer is the perfect avenue to bridge her interests in writing and business together. Ultimately, she wants our readers to see all of the amazing opportunities that CWIB provides! She wants to be that person that encourages other women to branch out of their comfort zone and attend a trek, event, etc in order to get the most out of this organization.  

What empowers her: Emma feels empowered when she meets other women with similar professional goals as her. That connection allows her to immediately bond with that person and those interactions motivate her to reach her full potential.

About her: Emma has lived in 6 different places, but most recently she’s from Syracuse, New York! Her biggest passion is basketball as she plays for the women’s club team here at Virginia Tech. Ultimately, Emma would love to write for a sports magazine so she can combine her love for writing and sports into one career! She loves hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and listening to/attending concerts.

Favorite quote: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Allison DeSantis- Junior, BIT & Computer Science 

Why CWIB: Allison has always loved writing, so she wanted to get involved with the CWIB Chronicles to do something she’s passionate about! She hopes that by highlighting our leadership team, general members, and events, readers will be inspired to follow in others’ footsteps and take risks to achieve their goals!

What empowers her: Hearing and reading stories from people who have persevered through difficult times to achieve success in their personal and professional lives empowers Allison. Learning about how someone has overcome failure and didn’t let that define them always empowers her to do the same!

About her: Allison is a part of Ballroom Dance Club and Pamplin Leadership Development Team here at Virginia Tech!

Favorite quote: “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

Cara Yates- Senior, Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Economics

Why CWIB: During one of Cara’s internships, one of her bosses would compliment her on the way she wrote. She wrote itineraries and blog posts, which made her more confident in her writing abilities. Cara decided to put them to the test and become a CWIB staff writer with the hope of sharing everything she has learned over the past four years as a business student. She hopes our articles give the readers the information they need to feel confident and prepared when chasing their dreams.

What empowers her: Cara feels empowered when she pushes herself to succeed and meet her goals. Whether it is a test, club obligation, or professional experience, she always gives it her all so that she never has to look back and say that she could’ve tried harder. Seeing determination pay off is the most rewarding feeling for Cara.

About her: Cara proudly comes from a Hokie family and grew up going to Virginia Tech football games! She enjoys watching Netflix, working out, and trying to finish the Hokie Bucket List before she graduates. She’s from Northern Virginia, but her goal is to live on the beach!

Favorite quote: “Hang in there. It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen”

Lina Al Taii – Freshman, Environmental Science

Why CWIB: Lina became a staff writer because she has experience in writing and wanted to use her skills in a business related organization. Her goal is to help others and highlight the opportunities that CWIB offers. She hopes that our articles can give our readers a place to look when they want information about a certain business-related problem, advice for achieving their dreams, or information about anything CWIB-related.

What empowers her: She feels empowered when she learns about the challenges that someone has gone through to get to where they are now. Lina thinks a good success story always has hard times, and when she hears about others and how they worked to get to their role, it motivates her to push herself and achieve what she wants.

About her: Lina is from Northern Virginia and loves Virginia Tech because of the location. One of her favorite activities is hiking, and she’s so excited to spend the next four years exploring all of the different hiking trails. Lina also love bullet journaling, organizing, and working out! She hopes to live in Colorado one day or own a getaway home there.

Favorite quote: “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today”

Allison Wood- Sophomore, Management

Why CWIB: Allison has always had a love for writing, and for sharing that writing with the world around her. It has given her more opportunities and connected her with more people than she could have ever imagined. She hopes by being a staff writer, she can continue to share that passion with other collegiate women interested in the business world. She wants our readers to be able to come to The CWIB Chronicles for information that relates directly to them. Whether it be about a future in business, current college business information, or tips and tricks to be successful, she wants our readers to get something beneficial out of our articles.

What empowers her: Meeting people that have had trials and tribulations throughout life who choose to be kind and happy despite those difficulties empowers Allison. Overcoming obstacles in life with a smile on your face is not easy, and she is moved by those who make something of themselves even after experiencing difficult times.

About her: She is from Alexandria, Virginia, but Bethany Beach, Delaware is her happy place! She has had a house there her whole life, and she lived there this past summer. Allison has three sisters who are her best friends, and her family as a whole is really close. She is in the Honors College here at Virginia Tech and loves spending her spare time outdoors, on her computer, working out, and trying new food!

Favorite quote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Abby Perkins- Sophomore, Marketing

Why CWIB: Writing has always been a passion of Abby’s, so when she saw the “ad” for the staff writer position last year, she was so excited! She has loved being able to help CWIB members prepare for their career and connect with other members through the articles we publish. CWIB has already been such an amazing source of inspiration for Abby, and she hopes our articles continue to provide the same for our members!

What empowers her: Abby feels empowered when she knows that she’s equipped with the knowledge, connections, and skills needed to succeed in a professional career, all three of which she has gotten from CWIB! Seeing what other women have been able to accomplish inspires her to continue improving and learning.

About her: Abby is from Ashburn, VA. She has two sisters and a brother. I’m a sophomore here at Virginia Tech and has been a CWIB member since the beginning of her freshman year. She loves playing lacrosse, listening to music, reading, and creating art!

Favorite quote: “Be yourself: everyone else is already taken.”

I am so excited to work with all of you this year! I strongly believe that each of you shows the commitment and ability to build this resource for our members. I can’t wait to see all the amazing work you all do! 


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