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Member Feature: Riley Sukeena

Riley Sukeena

Year: Freshman

Major/Minor: Business Undecided with a minor in Psychology

Interesting Facts: She has been to almost all 50 states and runs a “bookstagram” that has had a couple of featured deals with a few companies!

Collegiate Women in Business is back and better than ever! With many fabulous new additions to the club, CWIB must highlight some of our new member’s spectacular stories.

Riley Sukeena, a freshman studying Business, is originally from New Hampshire but moved to North Carolina in the seventh grade. At Virginia Tech, she plans to study Business and is leaning towards Marketing with a minor in Psychology. She has always been creative and has become interested in how to leverage psychology in the marketing field. When she was 15, she was not allowed to work, so Riley got creative and started a small jewelry business as a substitute to help her afford a new car. It was the first glimpse of the business world in which her passion and interest would continue to grow.

Campus is special in many ways, but what drew Riley in was the homey feel of the mountains and the highly-ranked dining halls. “I am a first generation college student, so Virginia was close enough to home, but far enough to grow as a young adult.” When she first visited the campus, Riley recalls that the people were nice and the buildings resembled the fictional boarding school of magic, Hogwarts. With regards to her path of study, Riley found that Pamplin College of Business had much to offer.

While Virginia Tech has an abundance of organizations, Riley found a couple of activities of her interest. At Gobblerfest this year, Riley grew fond of CWIB in hopes of figuring out the “male dominated industry” and benefiting from “being in a network full of powerful women in business that will inspire me to become one of them.” In addition to being involved in CWIB, Riley joined the Sports Business Club and became a VT Freshman liaison for Victoria’s Secret!

Being the first person in her family to pursue business, Riley is excited to gain more knowledge and inspiration from CWIB. Some future goals are to find an internship, join the Homecoming Board, and dive deeper into her love for marketing. Sukeena hopes to use the skills she acquires from her involvement at Virginia Tech and translate them to her dream career.

CWIB is so glad to have you Riley!

By Izzy Mcilvenna

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