Mindful Connection: How to Stay in Touch While Avoiding Burnout

Let’s be honest, we all thought the pandemic would be over by now. Yet, Covid-19 is still kicking and the days of Tiger King and the Outer Banks being the talk of the town feel like a lifetime ago. If you are anything like me, you are sick of virtual classes and even more so of doing absolutely everything on your computer. The creative ways we found to stay connected with each other in the spring of 2020 feel overused and tired. Here are some new ways on how to stay connected and check in as we continue to navigate pandemic life.

1. Do social interactions fill you up or drain you?

I’m sure you have had to answer this before, it's the classic “Are you an introvert or an extrovert?” question, but the answer is important for determining how much social interaction you need to feel connected but not drained. There is a wide spectrum of how much social interaction you may need in a day, from calling multiple people everyday to talking to someone once a week. While we navigate another online semester, keep in mind that you don’t need to pick up every phone call or keep up with as many people as the person next to you.

2. Opt for a phone call instead of Facetime

I know I know, this sounds like a step backwards in technological advancements. However, we look at our computers all day, sitting in mostly the same place, and Facetime/Skype/Zoom requires us to also look (somewhat) presentable and be engaged with a screen. If you are just on the phone, you can lay down, close your eyes, multitask, and still have a conversation. A regular phone call can help you catch up with a friend while not over exhausting yourself with video chats.

3. Consider asking others how they are doing

If you tend to be the one who waits for others to reach out and are starting to feel a little disconnected, try reaching out first! Everyone likes to know someone is thinking about them. Especially in a time where it's tough to connect, this could mean a lot! If you have been waiting for someone to reach out to you, this is your sign to take initiative first!

4. Consider setting up accountability if you aren’t doing well

On the other hand, if you tend to be the person who keeps up with everyone and always reaches out first, consider asking someone to check in on you. Asking for accountability is never easy, but it can be so worth it. Whether it’s accountability for working out, staying on top of school, or just checking in with how you are, knowing someone is going to check