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New Member Feature: Madeline Duggan

Member Feature: Madeline Duggan

Year: Freshman

Major: Accounting

Fun fact: Madeline has 16 cousins!

After a year of overcoming challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic, CWIB is back in person and excited to welcome new members to our community! Madeline Duggan, a freshman from Davidson, North Carolina, is one of CWIB’s newest members. Madeline is majoring in Accounting and is excited for her first year at Virginia Tech.

Madeline was drawn to Virginia Tech by the beautiful scenery on our campus and the school spirit. “I really like the sense of community here,” she says. In addition, Madeline was impressed by Tech’s academics and the programs offered by the Pamplin School of Business. Madeline knew she wanted to major in accounting after enjoying accounting classes in high school and wanting to learn more about the profession.

Although she is still figuring out her way around Virginia Tech, Madeline is excited to join new clubs that will help her connect with other students. Virginia Tech has around 30,000 undergraduate students which can make it overwhelming trying to meet people with similar interests as yourself. Madeline learned of CWIB at Gobblerfest and joined the club with the hopes of connecting with other women in business and in her major. In addition to CWIB, she is also involved in the Sports Business Club and the Accounting Society. Madeline is excited to experience in-person activities after spending her senior year of high school completing online classes and virtual activities.

Madeline has a lot of goals during her time at Virginia Tech. She hopes that CWIB will help her accomplish her goals of finding internships and externships that will allow her to learn more about accounting and further her experience in the field during her time at Virginia Tech. While at Virginia Tech, Madeline also hopes to get more involved with other organizations that will help her learn more about business. After college, Madeline aspires to work for one of the big four accounting firms and hopes that her time at Virginia Tech will prepare her to do so.

As a new member of CWIB, Madeline is most excited to learn more about business and hopes to attend one of CWIB’s treks during the fall or spring semester. “I am looking forward to going on one of the treks because it would be really exciting to see different companies in different cities and learn more about potentially what I will be doing after I graduate,” she says. In addition, Madeline hopes to grow through CWIB’s mentorship program and eventually hold leadership positions.

Welcome to CWIB, Madeline! We cannot wait to see what you contribute to CWIB over the next four years and we hope CWIB helps you achieve your goals during your time at Virginia Tech.

By Katie Smith

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