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New Member Feature: Srija Gopavaram

Name: Srija Gopavaram

Year: Freshman

Major: Business Undecided

(Business Information Technology most likely)

Fun Fact: Srija can speak Telugu fluently

Are you ready for the cozy sweater season? Well, CWIB’s newest member, Srija Gopavaram, is excited to bring out her fall sweaters in colors that bring out her main character energy! Srija is a freshman living in the Creativity and Innovation (CID) Living Learning Community and plans to major in Business Information Technology (BIT). The Operations and Supply Chain Management track of BIT is appealing to her due to her unmatched interest in problem solving.

As a new member of CWIB, Srija claims that she decided to join because the circle of business and supportive women were extremely important for her success in college. Compared to other clubs, she noticed that CWIB was more open to anyone joining without a rush process. She also liked that CWIB worked directly with the Pamplin School of Business to support and empower women. After researching more about CWIB, Srija decided to find her place in CWIB by joining the marketing team and seeking out more opportunities to get involved within the organization.

Srija has taken on a storm involving herself at Virginia Tech by joining the Innovate LLC, which is “all about entrepreneurship, learning the mindset, and how you can use those skills in life.” Within this amazing opportunity, she is helping to create a podcast called “Ignite” taking care of the social media aspect. Srija is finding what the community wants to hear with regard to all things business!

After her time at Virginia Tech has ended, she hopes to find a good job that prioritizes company culture and connecting with people. Srija believes she has a bright future due to her strong problem solving skills and her ability to talk with everyone and anyone. Using BIT and experiences within CWIB, she is looking to pursue a career in corporate stationery.

Welcome to CWIB Srija! CWIB and all its existing members hope you find your place and accomplish anything your heart desires.

By Izzy McIlvenna

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