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New York City Trek Recap: RBC Capital Markets

On October 27, six members of the CWIB were able to experience a virtual trek. A few members were participating in their first trek, while others had attended in previous years. In the past, members would go to different parts of the country to connect and learn about different companies as well as the areas these companies are located. Although the pandemic has limited traveling, that has not stopped CWIB from holding treks! Kate Taylor, CWIB’s VP of Mentorship, said treks are great opportunities to be able to explore different career paths and to talk with people in those careers. Attendees are also challenged to get out of their comfort zone and meet fellow CWIB members.

This trek event was exclusively with the New York City based RBC Capital Markets. RBC is an “innovative, trusted partner” in the capital market, banking, and finance functions for different businesses and governments across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. RBC has these programs that provide on-the-job experience with real projects and connections through training and leadership opportunities within a diverse and collaborative work environment.

The trek participants were able to see what a trader’s home office looks like with all necessary technology and equipment to do their job virtually. RBC employees told the trek participants about the variety of their daily activity and described the culture of the company.

Another huge part of trek events is being able to experience the area where the company is located. Although the CWIB members were not able to physically see the RBC office, they still were given perspectives of different employees’ transitions to RBC. This is especially helpful for those who are interested in moving to a new location to start a job or internship.

Along the same lines, treks help you visualize the transition from being a college student to a full-time employee of a company. The trek participants were able to get this point of view from different employees at RBC. Lindsay Barnes said that hearing how the different RBC employees made the transition from Virginia Tech to New York City and their experiences living in a big city was very helpful. Hearing about the transition and what living in a large metropolitan area is like helped these trek participants further understand what RBC can offer outside of work.

Emma Roby, who is Chief Development Officer of CWIB, said that she received tremendous insight from one of the recent graduates who was a speaker at the trek event. He was an intern and then became a full-time employee virtually. This goes to show that how you conduct yourself in an internship can lead to a wonderful job opportunity! Kate Taylor said that the RBC employees were able to describe their “unique journeys with RBC and how [they are] grateful for working with such a great company.”

Another big part of RBC is it’s company culture. Emma Roby told the Chronicles that RBC has a Women’s Advisory Program, one of several programs which RBC describes as important to emphasize diversity and inclusion that span three principal categories: proprietary programs, external events and programs, and external partnerships.

Although the trek event was virtual this year, the participants were able to get the same experience of knowing what is available for them at RBC. Lindsay Barnes said that for the first virtual trek event it went “incredibly smooth.” Coordinators of this event overcame some technical difficulties getting everything set up, making the virtual scene better than expected. Kate Taylor said that it was easy to hear everything and everyone participating was still able to ask questions.

Emma Sedlack said that the virtual setting made it casual but also more personal. The virtual setting did not hinder the event and the trek participants were still able to get insight and ask questions of graduates about working for RBC.

When asked what their biggest takeaway from this event was, the CWIB members had very insightful answers. Kate Taylor said to take advantage of the opportunities that CWIB brings to its members with these trek events. Emma Roby was able to get an internship with RBC because of CWIB. She also recommended going out of one’s comfort zone and making connections even within the virtual setting.

Lindsay Barnes gave useful advice to underclassmen: it is never too early to apply for internships and jobs. It is important to start doing research now and find out what different companies have to offer. Emma Sedlack added, “[The] biggest take away from the trek was to make sure you love where you work. Don't settle for anything less.” We work so hard during college that our full-time position should be a place we can use our gained knowledge and professional skills.

As you can tell, trek events are very beneficial for members of CWIB to attend and have many great opportunities. These events allow members to experience not just what different companies are like, but also enable them to connect with employees that work at these places. Treks are influential stepping stools for students to explore what different companies have to offer and what steps may be necessary to join the company.

By: Meng Hembrey

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