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One Last Time

With a new school year comes a lot of exciting new experiences and opportunities. This is especially true for seniors, who will be graduating in about 9 months. Seniors need to find a perfect balance between making the most of their last year and thinking about the future. Although this is a very exciting time, it can also be very overwhelming. To help ease any concerns you seniors have, I asked some CWIB alumnae for advice they could offer to current seniors to make this the best year yet!

Madison Blevins, Class of 2018, had some great advice to offer regarding making connections for the future.

“Prioritize relationships! The friends you make and people you meet at career fairs/professional events are your future network and can be really valuable in the next season after college.”

Ashley Roberts, Class of 2018, offered a tip for those moments when senioritis hits a little too hard.

“Think about your plans for the future and what you want to achieve. When I needed some extra motivation, I would look at apartments in Richmond (where I’ll be moving to after graduation) to see what I had to look forward to.”

Annie Bokulic, Class of 2018, thinks CWIB is going to be a valuable resource for your last year, and I have to agree! “Go on a CWIB trek before you graduate. You won’t regret the experience.” CWIB treks are great for networking and making connections. You will also be making lasting memories in different cities with fellow CWIB members. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on the handful of treks that we have planned this year! The first one is to Nashville, TN from September 20-23rd!

Ashlin Webster, Class of 2018, thinks that preparing for your life post-graduation will save you from a rude awakening in the months after you leave Virginia Tech.

“Treat it [senior year] as practice for the real world. Go to sleep early and wake up early. Your body will thank you later.”

Shannon Cabrey, Class of 2018, made a fantastic point about not limiting yourself just because you think your life should be perfectly mapped out. “If you find something that interests you and you’re passionate about in an area of your studies or work, take a class in it, or look for more ways to get involved.” It is never too late to do something that makes you happy!

Catie Kidwell, Class of 2016, gave tips about not limiting yourself to what you think you are supposed to do. “There were so many other jobs and opportunities I didn’t pursue because of fear of failure and perceived ‘lack of skills/background’ – if I were to do it again I would apply to so many more jobs and think of them as learning opportunities.” Catie was kind enough to pass along her email ( if any of you would like to ask her questions about the consulting world, Deloitte, and life post-graduation.

CWIB is so fortunate to have a successful and passionate alumnae network that is still willing to help out current members. Thank you to these co-founders, past CEO’s, and other former CWIB leaders who took the time to give these valuable pieces of advice.

Seniors, make the most of this year! There is one year left at this amazing university, so don’t walk away feeling like you could’ve done more. Good luck to all of you amazing young women!

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