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Productivity Over Thanksgiving Break

The tale is as old as time: Do college students actually study and do homework during Thanksgiving break? From personal experience, balance of the week is key. Staying on a certain schedule will allow students to stay organized even through the holiday chaos. Writing down priorities for the week can help ease stress and anxiety. A similar routine is possible, however highly unlikely when back home with distractions galore. In addition, productivity is so subjective that every college student varies in how they gauge their success during the week.

Throughout my college experience thus far, breaks are a luxury and always motivate me throughout the semester. Productivity is the measure of efficiency and how to get things done. Overall, being productive is dependent on the person and the specific goals established over a designated period of time.

The past couple of weeks I have been asking friends for their perspective on productivity during Thanksgiving break. The majority of my friends told me that they usually do not do as much as they would like to during break. This statement shocked me because as a busy college student you long for that time off. However, being so close to finals, one week of doing nothing is not the best idea.

For me personally, as a junior finance student, homework and studying are a constant in my college career. For the past two years I have had either a paper due or test to study for right after break. Though these deadlines have forced me to work ahead and break up my work in order to have fun with my friends and family, it has also allowed me to be productive. Balancing work is necessary during this time, and sometimes not being afraid to tell your family you can not watch a third Hallmark movie in a row is important to do. Although in the moment they might be sad, they will ultimately understand in the long run. It will pay off when you get a better grade on a test or project that you planned ahead of time instead of cramming when you got back to campus.

Scheduling and time management is so important and necessary to stay on top of everything. Now I’m not saying lock yourself in your room and never hang out with your friends and family. Making a list and setting priorities is the best way to see first hand on how you want to spend your break the best way. Thanksgiving is a holiday for taking a step back and reflecting on who and what you're thankful for; enjoy the food and quality time with family and friends. Normally, right before finals there are last minute projects, tests or papers. As a result, getting a jump start on studying or working on homework is a great way to stay on top of all your assignments. Spreading the work out throughout the week is a smart way to feel relaxed and more prepared for the rest of the semester. Don’t let yourself get distracted days on end from studying for a test that you have right when you get back.

Thanksgiving is a time to take a breath and relax with family and friends. Enjoy the break, eat the delicious food and have good conversations with others. As college students we are in constant motion and never slowing down for months on end. A nice hometown visit soothes the soul and allows us to reevaluate and appreciate the most important things in our lives. However, being productive during this time varies from person to person, but evaluating your top priorities during the holiday will allow for a smoother transition back in Blacksburg.

By: Sarah Viebrock

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