Sponsor Feature: RSM Capital

Who is RSM Capital?

RSM Capital is one of the leading tax, audit, and advisory firms in their industry. They work with businesses to provide custom solutions for a wide range of finance, tax, consulting, and technology problems. They bring their services to a variety of industries, including government contracting, consumer products, nonprofit organizations, real estate, and life sciences.

RSM’s vision for 2022 is to be the “first-choice advisor” for their clients by delivering custom insights and thoughtful solutions to their clients, colleagues, and communities. RSM has five core values that direct their operations and strategy:

  1. Respect: treating others how they would like to be treated

  2. Integrity: doing the right thing

  3. Teamwork: working together effectively

  4. Excellence: always striving to be the best at everything they do

  5. Stewardship: developing their firm and their people

And, they build their strategy on a foundation of community, empowerment, and high-quality customer experience.


RSM Capital was created in 1925 by Ira B. McGladrey. Originally known as the Ira B. McGladrey Company, this accounting firm began in a small seven-person office McGladrey bought off his employers. McGladrey expanded the firm to hold one-man accounting practices in various Iowa cities, and after 10 years, he brought on two partners. The firm was then known as McGladrey, Hansen, Dunn & Company.

Business boomed over the next 40 years, and the firm expanded further into neighboring states. They also grew their services to include consulting. Through several mergers, with the likes of Broeker Hendrickson & Company and A.M. Pullen and Company, McGladrey Hendrickson & Pullen spanned from coast to coast. A subsidiary of the firm was bought by H&R Block for several years, until McGladrey & Pullen purchased it back in 2011. This led to the formation of McGladrey LLP, which eventually became the RSM Capital we know today!

RSM Capital partners with some of the most influential organizations in commerce. Some of RSM’s strategic partners include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Digital Commerce-- of which RSM is a member. Plug and Play, an organization that funds cybersecurity and FinTech startups, and CEO Connection, an organization dedicated to developing skilled and passionate CEOs. Through these partnerships, RSM Capital expands their reach of influence into government and economic sectors to be a positive force for change across disciplines.

Services and Capabilities

There is hardly anywhere RSM Capital can’t go. Their services span a range of specialities and industries. They cover a business’s many financial needs, providing expertise in tax, consulting, risk and financial advisory, tech consulting, management consulting, audit, and more.They can assist businesses in adhering to strict accounting and finance standards, digitize business processes, and provide insightful solutions to unique operational and management challenges, to name a few of their capabilities.

RSM does not limit themselves to any one industry. Their services can be applied to private and public sector firms, from cultural organizations to media corporations. If you have an interest in a certain field or industry, then you may be able to learn more through consulting on their practices or conducting an audit! RSM Capital puts their customers first and offers credible and innovative solutions to help firms keep up with industry trends and regulations.


At RSM, there are ample opportunities for students and recent grads to get started. RSM encourages its prospective employees to develop their unique skills and thrive in comprehensive training programs. As an intern, you undergo formal and informal training programs that incorporate hands-on experience with clients and upper-level management. You will also participate in workshops and other networking and professional development events that help strengthen your connection with the company and its employees. Interns also have access to a mento and a career advisor to help them navigate their new role.

The RSM Pathways experience is a little different. It’s a great program for students who know where they want to go - the Pathways program is a two-year internship program that offers extended benefits compared to the typical internship experience. Participants are immersed in the RSM culture early, getting a deeper understanding of the firm’s practices and culture. By the time you graduate and exit the program, you’ll feel integrated into the team and ready to hit the ground running!

RSM Capital is so dedicated to hiring the best, that they lay out step-by-step, the best course of action for student recruitment. They encourage students to reach out as freshmen, adn to apply later as juniors, given they are pursuing a four-year track. They also outline the basic qualifications for prospective applicants and give some insight into how their program operates. Here are some of their upcoming opportunities, for those interested.

If you want to do a deep dive into where you may fit best at RSM Capital before applying for their internship programs, you can learn about their career opportunities in consulting, audit, tax, and internal services. RSM provides detailed descriptions of career paths in each of the previous categories, giving you an in-depth understanding of what responsibilities, tools, and issues you may be working with.


RSM Capital is a great place to work for anyone interested in audit, tax, and consulting! They have a rich history of innovation and quality in their industry and always keep their eye on what’s coming down the pipeline. Serving a wide range of businesses across the globe, RSM Capital has so many opportunities that let employees and interns flex their skills and take on new responsibilities. And, it’s clear they invest in their talent. Get your start through the internship program or through RSM Pathways, and see where you can go with RSM Capital!

By Lauren Miles