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Sponsor Spotlight: EY


CWIB strives to help its members make meaningful professional connections, and partners with some of the leading companies in various industries to bring that goal to life. One of our long-time sponsors and a member of the “Big Four” accounting firms - the four most prominent accounting firms in the world - is Ernst and Young, or EY. EY has partnered with CWIB over the years to host meetings and networking events, and they have also contributed as one of CWIB’s key sponsors. A force for positive change in the business world and a provider of sound professional guidance, EY is a global leader in finance and consulting. Furthermore, their relationship with Virginia Tech and CWIB illustrates their commitment to hiring Hokies and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Mission and Values

As a major player in professional consulting, EY’s mission is to participate in “building a better working world” and to “help build trust and confidence in the capital markets” worldwide, through their services. Their position as an authority on tax and accounting services gives them the opportunity to encourage ethical and sustainable behaviors across private and public sectors. They promote these behaviors by holding themselves to a high standard of service and by promoting their core values through their offerings.

EY’s values include:

  1. People who demonstrate integrity, respect, and teaming

  2. People with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead

  3. People who build relationships based on doing the right thing


Ranging from tax services to professional consulting, EY offers a broad variety of solutions across industries. They divide their services into several categories; Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax. EY’s Tax services include tax planning, tax accounting and risk advisory, tax compliance, tax function, and guidance in tax policy. Their Strategy and Transactions services cover corporate finance consulting, buying and selling, infrastructure advisory, and merger and acquisition strategy. Furthermore, their Assurance services include auditing, financial accounting, forensic and integrity services, sustainability services, and financial reporting. And lastly, EY’s Consulting services provide help with new technologies, cybersecurity, performance improvement, risk management, strategy, marketing, and customer relationships. As an EY intern or employee, the opportunities to explore and grow within a variety of different fields are plentiful.


EY has proven their dedication to preparing and uplifting students and young professionals as they enter the workforce through their history of investing substantial time and energy into work experience and professional development programs. The opportunities to get started at EY or further your education and skills within the company are truly endless. For CWIB members in particular, EY continues to host information sessions to connect members to potential roles within the company, both in-person and online. In addition, EY recently hosted free live professional workshops on Facebook, and all of the content is still available in the EY Facebook group for public viewing. Topics of discussion include personal branding and interview skills.

If you want to get your foot in the door at EY, there are many different kinds of opportunities to choose from, including internships, graduate programs, apprenticeships, and trainee programs. Programs range in length from a few months to a year of work experience. Internships with EY give students the chance to build connections within the company, benefit from coaching and instruction from EY employees, and gain valuable experience within their field of work. For existing interns, there are some special opportunities. EY hosts an annual three-day long intern leadership conference in Florida, for which all interns are eligible to attend. It is an engaging learning experience with some of the top interns from over 200 countries that offers an overview of what opportunities are available from EY and presents an opportunity to network internationally.

Work experience programs at EY help fast-track potential employees to develop the core skills they need to join a client-facing team. Upon completing the program, participants will be placed in a live project team to gain real-world insights and experience. International programs are also available for students. Participants have the opportunity to work abroad as an intern for a duration of four weeks, both starting and finishing their internship experience at their domestic location, with all travel expenses included. Finally, an Industrial Placement program at EY gives students and new graduates the chance to gain one year of experience in their respective industry. Working with either the Assurance, Tax, Transactions, or Consulting practices, participants will gain the real-world project experience they need to graduate or satisfy the qualifications for an entry-level position.

Now that you know more about one of our awesome sponsors, try keeping an eye out for when CWIB partners with EY again to host events or information sessions! Be sure to check out EY and look into upcoming internship opportunities for 2021, as well. EY may be your perfect fit for a career in accounting and finance. Thank you to EY for supporting CWIB throughout the years and for providing amazing opportunities for all of our CWIB members!

By: Lauren Miles

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