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Taking Control of your Life: Advice from Female Entrepreneur Rachel Hollis

College is the time to prioritize what we want. With all the available opportunities, it can be strenuous to maintain good grades, apply for jobs, and balance a social life, all while the opinions of others are stuck in the back of our minds. We continue to question the decisions we make. “Should I change my major too?” “Do I need to have an internship lined up just like she does?” “Is it a bad thing I don’t go out every weekend like them?” The problem with these thoughts is that they do not focus on YOU! Too often we let the comparisons of others interfere with what we really want. Female entrepreneur, Rachel Hollis, has a few things to say about this. As founder of The Hollis Company, as well as the lifestyle blog The Chic Site, Hollis’ priority is to empower women to take control of their own lives and live authentically as themselves.

Rachel Hollis is the founder of the lifestyle blog “The Chic Site,” as well as the business The Hollis Co. She is a best-selling author, wife, and mother of four. Photo via The Magic Brush Inc.

Rachel Hollis created The Hollis Company as a motivational force to propel women into living better lives while focusing on positive personal growth. She states that the motto of the business is “Giving women the tools to change their lives” (“The Hollis Company”). They offer life and business coaching online, in addition, to live events based on her podcast “RISE,” focused on motivating audiences to achieve their goals. From relationships to business ventures, Hollis encourages women to live up to their potential and stop putting off what they have wanted to accomplish.

Rachel hyping up the crowd at her conference “Made for More.” Photo via

Before running the Hollis Co., Rachel began writing her lifestyle blog The Chic Site to connect with other women in a relatable way. Whether it was sharing a new fashion trend or discussing her personal growth journey, Hollis successfully created a community of empowered women who felt they could  “Live unapologetically as [them]self” (Hollis). By “taking ownership of your hopes and dreams and values” you are prioritizing what is important to you, and not what other people think of you (The Hollis Co).

Here’s a piece of the Home Page for “The Chic Site.” From sharing dinner recipes to fashion favorites, Hollis is proud to say her blog is “helpful in the lives of our readers” (“The Hollis Company”).

It can be hard to take a step back and focus on yourself when we constantly see what others are doing, especially through social media. After exploring Rachel’s uplifting content, I have compiled 5 pieces of her best advice for staying confident while prioritizing your goals:

1.Be your own Cheerleader

Hollis reminds women that “Nobody cares about your dreams the way that you do” (The Hollis Co). We must be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished, no matter how small.

2. Lift Up Other Women

It’s important to remember that “We should not be threatened by each other” (The Chic Site). Our time for success is right around the corner! Don’t be jealous; it’s not a becoming trait.

3. Don’t Apologize for Anything

We make choices for a reason, so we shouldn’t feel bad if those choices are not the same as what another woman would do. If we are proud of our decisions, no matter what they are, then there is no need to be sorry for them.

4. Stick to a Schedule that Works for You

Figure out when you are productive and accomplish the most pertinent tasks at this time. It may mean working alone if others are on a different routine, but when it comes to your success, you must prioritize your schedule above anyone else’s.

5. Never Stop Learning

In order to figure out what you truly want out of your life, you can’t be satisfied with mediocrity. There are always opportunities to gain more information and better yourself in your field of interest.

Following Rachel’s advice has undoubtedly helped me on the path to achieving my goals. It is definitely hard not to compare ourselves to others in the competitive atmosphere of college we find ourselves in, but prioritizing our personal values will surely lead the right people to fall into our circle. There is nothing more motivating to others than meeting someone who is confident in their own abilities!  

If you found any of this information encouraging, be sure to check out some of Rachel’s best-selling books dedicated to self-care, improvement, and motivation.

If you want to check out Rachel’s blog, click here! Also, follow this link if you want to check out her company’s website.

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