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The Positive Brain: 4 Instant Mindset Boosters

As we are finishing up midterms, it’s always important to take care of your mental health. Classes are stressful and unfortunately, we put so much pressure on ourselves to the point where we neglect our wellbeing.

Reward Yourself

An important way to boost your mindset is to reward yourself! After working through a difficult problem or spending forty-five minutes reading a textbook, take some time to do something you enjoy. Eat some ice cream or bake a cake! Take the time out of your day to do something that makes you happy. Our entire lives aren’t just school, homework, and exams.

Ask for Help

There are plenty of resources on campus that are meant to help you in case you need it! Some courses offer tutoring and TAs are always there to help you during office hours. You can even reach out to fellow students who are working through the same course material you are. It’s always okay to ask for help!

Daily Mindfulness Practice

Taking just a couple of minutes out of your day to practice meditation can completely change your mindset and give you a chance to relax. There are plenty of YouTube videos with meditation techniques to follow along with. It’s incredibly important to quiet your brain for a couple of minutes and focus on releasing the tension in your body. This will allow you to center yourself and reset your attention and concentration to keep studying or working.

Setting Small Goals

If you’re trying to tackle a huge exam, create smaller goals that can help you complete it. Set aside time to

write down your big goals and then come up with an action plan of small steps. This will help you feel less overwhelmed, and will help you tackle a big challenge by taking it step by step.

By Emma Newman

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