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The Power of Strong Language

Words; the powerful expressions that dictate our daily lives. Our choice of words can greatly impact how our message is understood and interpreted, so it's important to choose words that convey your message with confidence. Read below to learn more how the use of language can help you in an interview or job!

Use the Word “I”

It can feel weird to talk about yourself, however the use of the word “I” conveys confidence by indicating you are fit for a position. Saying “I will contribute…” or “I will accomplish…” not only shows that you see yourself in a role, but allows the recruiter to see you in this role as well and potential capabilities.

Utilize Hopeful Language

Along with using the word “I”, convey that you see yourself in this position with phrases like “I look forward to helping your company by doing this…” and “I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you…”. By speaking with this language, you convey your thoughts with confidence and shows the recruiter your excitement about this position and what you could accomplish in it.

Describe your Goals

Don’t simply talk about what you did in the past. Use language that describes what you are passionate about and what you hope to accomplish in the future. Again, by doing so, it shows ambition for exactly where you want your life to go. Quick tip, tie your goals into an interview conversation to exemplify grit.

Practice saying the word “No”

Over-achieving individuals have a slight problem saying ‘yes’ to everything, therefore it is important to recognize when you are taking on too much. There will be times when an employer asks you to take on more than you are capable of. To combat this, recognize your priorities (which is yourself) and say no to some tasks. and It’s more important to take on tasks that you can give a lot of effort to rather than too many tasks that will receive minimal effort. For this reason, it is important to practice avoidant language because focusing your time and giving your best effort is all that matters.

By Katie Smith

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