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The Secret Features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning

Care to boost your virtual professional presence? LinkedIn offers free sample courses and paid courses on their platform that allow students to professionally learn. From topics like “Video Interview Tips” to “Mindfulness practices,” this platform offers great support and opportunities to keep learning.

Skill Assessments

The platform offers opportunities to demonstrate skills you have learned. Once you pass the test, it updates your list of connections and boosts your resume which is visible to recruiters.

Endorsements/Recommendations Section

LinkedIn offers a section on your person page to allow you to showcase endorsements from previous employers or colleagues. By showing how people endorsed or recommended you, your professional state positively boos

Add Media/Upload Resume Section

Adding media to your profile can be very helpful when trying to show previous work such as articles or pictures that you are proud of. In addition, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to attach your current resume, so if a recruiter stumbles across your profile they are able to look at that too!

Write an Article

Under the post feature, there is the option to publish an article under your account. Publishing articles through LinkedIn gives you a platform when trying to reach out to alumni, other students, and even recruiters.

LinkedIn News

On the right hand side of the screen, LinkedIn News editors publish articles that analyze the job markets and current events. These can be helpful when researching current job industries to figure out what is popular and happening. This excellent feature is also a way to expand your vocabulary and introduce you to new industries through comments and posts!

Alumni Connections

When researching a company on LinkedIn, it shows mutual connections who currently work or worked for them. If you click on “People,”, and type in certain keywords, it shows employees who fit those searches. This feature creates the perfect opportunity to utilize the messaging feature and build those relationships!

By Emma Newman

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