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Tips for Starting the Side Biz

Have you thought about turning your passions into a source of income for more cash? Starting a side business can be a great way to pursue your dreams all while making money doing it. Keep reading this article for some helpful tips on how to create a new career opportunity in your free time!


Think about everything you’re good at, and try to identify opportunities for providing value to consumers. Brainstorm business models around your current hobbies, dreams, and interests. Also, think about your skills and if people would pay to utilize them. It’s important to like what you’re doing, so when times get tough you’re still persevering.

Set Aside Time

Starting a size biz is a time commitment that needs to be taken seriously. Make sure you have time outside of work, school, and all of your other activities. Reorganize your time to make an effort for your side business duties. Google calendar is a helpful to add time allocation blocks.

Talk to Consumers

Make sure to validate your business idea. You may have an idea that seems useful to you, but you have to make sure that people will actually buy it. Often, startups don’t succeed because they fail to determine if there is a problem the product/service solves. It can be easy to get stuck in your own mind, and not think about providing value to your customers as your first area of need.

Set SMART Goals

Set goals when you first start working that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Make sure that your goals and objectives are attainable within the time frame allotted. This is a good way to measure progress and hold yourself accountable. You should be able to see yourself hitting the small goals first, then hitting the major milestones later on.

Outsource Talent

There’s no need to tackle everything at once. If you lack graphic design, coding, or copywriting skills, outsource that work to a freelancer. There is always another option then handling all your side biz duties yourself.

Find Feedback

It's important to constantly get another set of eyes on your idea. You need people that will be honest with you, and you can even find that community on social media. Doing so, it will allow you the best opportunity for success.


Once you’ve done the heavy lifting, it’s time to launch your business. Set up an LLC, corporation, or a sole proprietorship. Don’t be discouraged by any setbacks or failures because that’s a part of the process. Even the best ideas will face some setbacks before gaining footing.

By Mirula Prasad

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