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Top 5 Must Have Business Apps

As college students, our phones can sometimes be more distracting than useful. However, if you have the right applications and use your phone to boost your productivity, there is a lot to gain! There are many apps which you can get to make better use of your phone time, like calendar and planner apps, time management apps, and stress-reducing apps. Let’s use our phones to get prepared for the business world. After all, a well-organized, well-informed, and relaxed employee has a better chance of being successful than one who isn’t any of these things! Start by downloading these 5 productivity apps today!

1. Full Contact | Contact Manager

If you’re a business student, you’re definitely going to receive a lot of business cards at various professional events. These can easily be lost in your bag or your car, so download Full Contact | Contact Manager because it allows you to easily transfer your business cards to your contacts book. By taking a photo of the business card, this app stores the information on the business card on your phone. It’s that easy! Contact Manager is also connected to LinkedIn, so that person’s LinkedIn profile will show up once you add it to your contacts. This can be useful for keeping track of who you met, and reconnecting with them!

2. Flora

Time management is something that most business students are striving to improve upon, especially with your phone available at all times to distract you! To solve your concentration problem, get Flora. This app motivates you to stay off your phone. To stay focused, you set a timer and each timer comes with a plant! If you exit the app and use your phone, the plant dies. As you continue to use it, you can grow different plants and create a nice garden! You can also challenge your friends to do it with you, and the plant’s life depends on you and your friends’ concentration. If one person uses his/her phone, the plant dies for the whole group! This app takes concentration to the next level.

3. LinkedIn

As a business student, having the LinkedIn app on your phone should be just as essential as having Instagram or Twitter. This app is useful for networking, which is a skill that you will develop throughout your time as a student before entering the business world. It’s convenient to have the app so when you meet someone you can find his/her LinkedIn account and avoid forgetting! In addition, LinkedIn’s news feed allows the user to click on news stories that contain important information about relevant business events and business tips. LinkedIn is a great resource for business students to use to be exposed to the business world wherever you are! Do you want more tips on how to use LinkedIn? Come to CWIB’s LinkedIn workshop on November 28!

4. My Study Life

This is the organizational app of your dreams. Catered specifically to students, it organizes your classes, tasks, and exams. This app also sends you reminders to do your work so it isn’t just a planner or a calendar. The best part is that it syncs across all your devices so you can use it on any device at any time! You will never let a homework assignment or exam slip your mind again!

5. Headspace

No matter how much work you have to do, every student needs some relaxation time. Meditation is a good way to refocus your mind and refresh your perspective. However, many people find it hard to keep their mind clear during meditation, so guided meditation is a great way to start. Headspace is a guided meditation app that motivates you to be mindful. This app features different themed sessions, like ones specifically for sleep, anxiety, stress, and focus. Maintaining a work-life balance is extremely important for your long-term success, so start now by taking a few minutes every day to recharge and energize your mind!

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