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Work Bag Essentials

How are your summers going, CWIB?! If you are working this summer, this post is for you! To make those nine-to-fives a little more bearable, it’s important to bring items to work with you that are essential to a great day. We asked Gigi Jones, Morgan Beavers, Heather Sangalang, and Pooja Devarakonda for some of their work bag must-haves and here is what they said:

Water bottle: Bringing one every day helps your body and the environment. Heather Sangalang says, “It’s important to stay hydrated so I bring my [reusable] water bottle to work. My office has a water dispenser so [bringing my own water bottle] is better than using a bunch of plastic bottles.”

Notebook & pen: No matter what you’re doing at work, Heather thinks it’s always a good idea to keep a notebook and pen close by for jotting down notes and important details.

Tide-To-Go: There’s nothing worse than a stain right on the front of your white button up. This stain remover pen is perfect for those “oops” moments, according to Heather Sangalang and Morgan Beavers.

Neutral lipstick: A good lipstick has Heather feeling confident in the office; her current favorite is Mac Whirl!

Snacks: Gigi Jones opts for “a granola bar or a piece of fruit, which can be great pick-me-ups during the day instead of coffee.”

Sandals: Walking around in heels all day can be exhausting– and painful! And for that, Pooja Devarakonda keeps an extra pair of sandals in her purse.

Band-Aids: After walking around in those painful heels a few band-aids might be needed. “Us working women walk a lot so you’ll never know when you or a friend might need them!” Gigi says.

Portable Charger: Both Gigi and Pooja agree that you wouldn’t want to run out of battery on a busy day.

Mirror + Backup Makeup: To make sure you’re still looking professional throughout the day, Pooja suggests carrying a mirror to keep an eye on those flyaways and extra makeup for a quick touch-up.

Business Cards: You never know who you’ll run into at lunch or in the office. For the sake of networking, Pooja always has a couple of business cards on hand.

If you haven’t considered tossing a few of these items in your work bag already, maybe it’s time to! It’s always a good idea to be prepared so you can keep calm and *carry* on. What are your work bag essentials?

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